Hi everyone, first of all I'd like to say thank you very much for visiting us, we hope you love the products just as much as we do!


 We wanted to give you a short introduction to STREIC. We are an all new apparel start up based in South Wales. STREIC was started by Ieuan, and long term friend and business partner Andrew. We've been incredibly close friends dating way back to our school years. Over time it became apparent that we both share a passion for golf and also for business. We've been out on the course together most weekends for a number of years and love the game of golf. We are a pair of high handicap golfers who believe there should be more affordable, stylish and comfortable golf apparel options on the market. STREIC was born to combat some of these road blocks and our main aim is to bring you amazing affordable products that aren't just accessible for the professional golfer, but also for the mid, high and even non-handicapped golfers. After spending some time fusing our ideas together and putting in the work on our designs, we whole heartedly believe that we have created a brand that you can rely on.


Going forward, we are ambitious, determined and hard working. As you amazing people continue to support the brand we will be listening closely to try and bring you more of the things that you really want to see. Customer service is everything to us! So don't be afraid to follow us on our socials and get in touch for a chat. Again, thank you for visiting and becoming a part of the STREIC family. 




Our entire product is important to us. This includes the packaging. We've put in the extra effort to make sure that all of our packaging is 100% compostable and are totally delighted to have achieved this. Thanks to the team over at THE BETTER PACKAGING CO. all of your orders will be shipped in totally eco-friendly dirt bags. The mailers are strong, waterproof and just as reliable as regular mailers, however they will biodegrade within 3-6 months instead of ending up buried at landfill. 

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